Month: October 2016

Grassroots: Third Party Candidates in 2016.

Jill Stein Rally, by Jessica Pollard

The United States is entering its most important presidential election in decades. This Nov. 8 we could see the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton become the first female president of the United States. Or we could see Republican candidate Donald Trump, a man with zero political experience and all the trappings of a sleazy degenerate, become […]

Getting Mystical with Alan Moore’s “Jerusalem”


After a decade in the making, Alan Moore’s highly anticipated novel “Jerusalem” has been released. It is an experimental pastiche, or imitation of different literary styles, really less of a novel and more of a collection of short stories threaded together by their setting: Moore’s hometown neighborhood of The Boroughs, Northampton, at disparate moments throughout […]

Pop Quiz: Understanding Andy


  “Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” —Andy Warhol. The name Andy Warhol represents one of those iconic American trademarks of which the mere mention immediately channels images in the mind’s eye of screenprint soup cans and multicolored Marilyns. Warhol had a way of observing the landscapes of  manufactured […]

Organizers Protest Against Portland Police Bureau


“They threw us down these marble stairs, and kicked us. I got knocked out because I got stomped on.” These are the words of Don’t Shoot Portland organizer Micah Rhodes, sitting outside Portland City Hall near the very same marble steps. Rhodes recounted the actions of the Portland Police Bureau in the wake of a […]

Environmental Sustainability Pride at PSU


This year, Portland State University rose to number 14 on the Sierra Club’s “Cool Schools” list of the most environmentally sustainable schools in the country. A ranking well deserved as PSU has implemented cutting edge, environmentally sustainable designs into every aspect of the campus. The school has brought environmental sustainability directly to the students with […]