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Portland International Film Festival: Award Winners and Film Previews


The Portland International Film Festival is put on yearly by the NW Film Festival.     Old Stone A Chinese taxi driver, Lao Shi, is put to the ultimate morale test as one sloppy swerve of his wheel turns into a tragic automobile/ pedestrian accident. An average family man without many prospects finds himself suddenly […]

Arvie Smith at the Portland Art Museum


The Portland Art Museum is a pretty cold place, with its staunchly white walls and an air conditioned breeze that seems to blow even in December. But standing surrounded by Arvie Smith’s exhibit, it was impossible to not feel warm among the jarring golds and reds that highlight the massive canvases which hold Smith’s work. […]

Pop Quiz: Understanding Andy


  “Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” —Andy Warhol. The name Andy Warhol represents one of those iconic American trademarks of which the mere mention immediately channels images in the mind’s eye of screenprint soup cans and multicolored Marilyns. Warhol had a way of observing the landscapes of  manufactured […]